WEB: Difficult v Different - Workplace Behavioural Styles

WEB: Difficult v Different - Workplace Behavioural Styles
Understanding workplace behavioural styles can be challenging. Join Institute of Managers and Leaders' presenter Shannon Cooper in a compelling webinar that will help you understand your and other' communication style and more.

Given the importance of self-awareness to the role of managers and leaders, developing deeper insights into behaviours and the actions of those around you is integral to success. Further, focusing purely on behaviour and ignoring context can inevitably lead to misunderstanding, frustration and conflict. This session will help you to understand your communication style, the styles of others and how to adapt more appropriately for better workplace outcomes.

Join acclaimed Institute of Managers and Leaders facilitator Shannon Cooper in a compelling webinar where you will:
•  Explore the science of behaviour
•  Understand your own personality style and how you like to work
•  Identify the difference between a difficult person and difficult behaviour
•  Develop a model for effective conversation
•  Understand the profiles of your colleagues and how to build cohesion between different profiles.

The webinar will take a fun and engaging look at what makes us tick behaviourally and aims to stretch and challenge our perceptions of ‘difficult’ people.

This webinar will be available for viewing until midnight 2nd July 2020 i.e. for 4 weeks after it first airs.


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Timing & Duration: approx. 60-mins
Start time: 13.00 AEST
Finish time: 14.00 AEST

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4/06/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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