WEBINAR: Endometriosis Ultrasound Taster

WEBINAR: Endometriosis Ultrasound Taster
A/Prof George Condous will present on Endometriosis - The IDEA Consensus and Practical Applications of Ultrasound in Women with Endometriosis. Available until 17th July 2020.

Associate Professor George Condous is a gynaecologist with special interests in Gynaecological Ultrasound and Advanced Endoscopic surgery.  His current research interests relate to management of ectopic pregnancy, pregnancies of unknown location (PULs), miscarriage prediction, endometriosis and the microbiome, as well as the use of transvaginal ultrasound, in particular ‘deep endometriosis ultrasound’, to predict endometriosis.

Through ISUOG, he has developed international consensus statements on PULs and ‘deep endometriosis’ ultrasound. As the lead investigator for the International Deep Endometriosis Analysis (IDEA) group, he coordinates and manages IDEA phase I, which to date has centres from eleven countries, facilitating data collection through the secure Clinical Data Miner (CDM) interface.  

The learning outcomes of this webinar will be:
- Understand terms and definitions when doing ultrasound for endometriosis
- Understanding and appreciation of anatomical locations of deep endometriosis
- Understanding of practical applications of ultrasound in diagnosis of endometriosis.


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17/06/2020 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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